The AW(K) Series

Grinder on the loose! Maximum power and endurance. Despite its compact size, the AWK delivers high performance. The automatic crossfeed grinder is highly suitable for the processing of big meat parts, fresh and frozen up to −15°C. The AWK MultiGrind grinder can be equipped with either the cutting system Unger E130 or the Enterprise E52 and has an hourly output of about 2500 kg.


The AW(M) Series

They are equipped with a mixing arm and are very suitable for the processing of meat parts, fresh and frozen up to −16°C. Fresh meat can be mixed very well with other meat types and/or ingredients.


Manual Mincer

Manual Mincer : For the Fresh Portion from the Butcher. With a feeding funnel of only Ø 52 mm this table mincer is highly suitable for every shop counter. Thanks to its compact size, this model finds its best use in the butchery around the corner, in the supermarket and everywhere else, where fresh and portioned minced meat is needed.


Bandsaws : K200-Series

The table model K220 is ideal for the little butchery next door or the meat section at the supermarket. Parts of fresh meat as well as small quantities of bones do not pose any problems for the K220 at all.


Bandsaws : K300-Series

The ticket to the world of professionals : THE K300-SERIES. The economy model of our range of professional bandsaws. The higher blade speed and the topnotch cutting performance allow for the K330 to break down fresh and frozen…


Bandsaws : K400-Series

Enough power even in continuous operation : The 400-Series. One of our high-effi ciency bandsaws is the K430 model. Because of the optimal blade speed, this model is very suitable for the dissection of big quantities of frozen and fresh meat parts …


Bandsaws : K800-Series

Take apart even the biggest ones : The K800-Series. Perfectly suitable for the dissection industry and for the use in slaughterhouses is the K800. The dissection of pork, beef and venison is no problem for this bandsaw. Also in the fishing industry this model finds its use, especially for the dissection of frozen tuna and other big, frozen fish.