The Clippers of the PTNV range are used wherever an absolutely secure closure is required.



Area of Application

The Clippers of the PTNV range are used wherever an absolutely secure closure is required. Machines of the PTNV range are suitable for pressing and sealing meat products in pre-fabricated casing sections. These Clippers are also ideal for products such as rolled and boiled ham, bacon, turkey or chicken meat. The pneumatic clamping device ensures high pressure and thus ensures tight filling. In this way, air pockets are reliably prevented. The product is provided with a firm, even structure and an excellent cut appearance.


The Clippers of the PTNV range consist of chromium nickel steel and plastic, they meet the latest safety and hygiene requirements defined in the various standards. e.g European machinery directive and clip machine standard EN13885.

Equipment versions

  • A knife ensures straight ends with a good appearance.
  • A maintenance unit ensures clean operating air with the right pressure; this reduces maintenance costs.


  • Low lifecycle costs due to robust design.
  • The service and maintenance costs are minimal.
  • The machine achieves highest standards of hygiene and safety.
  • High stability of the machine with simultaneous loading of a very small production area.
  • The machine withstands the toughest permissible cleaning methods.
  • Hygienic design, smooth surfaces, stainless materials help to maintain the required operating cleanliness, quick and easy cleaning.
  • The high closure speed supports the ergonomic workflow of the operator.
  • Low noise level for pleasant working environment.
  • Stepless adjustment of clip shaping ensures optimum closure for every packaging.
  • Comprehensive equipment ensures universal use.
  • High resistance against mechanical influences, through use of stainless steel, increases service life.



Technical Data

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