Vacuum Packaging Machine I 30


Vacuum Packaging Machine I 30

Based on its compact size and the WEBOMATIC CleanDesign®, the single chamber machine I 30 provides the perfect solution for confined spaces and small to medium packaging capacities. For easier maintenance, an additional service door ensures quick access to the heart of the machine. At any time, the I 30 can be upgraded with MAP or soft air technology.

Sealing strip variations

Double Seal and Trim (DST)

Double Seam Sealing (DSS)

Perfect vacuum packaging and maximum comfort.

The vacuum packaging machine I 30 offers the optimum solution for limited space conditions and for small to medium packaging capacities due to its compact dimensions and high mobility. Based on the WEBOMATIC CleanDesign®, the design of the vacuum packaging machine I 30 enables easy external cleaning. For internal cleaning, the sealing strip can be quickly removed without tools to facilitate cleaning of the chamber.

The vacuum machine I 30 is equipped with an expansion compensation in the sealing bar. This not only optimises the sealing result but also extends the service life of the sealing wire. The additional maintenance door of the I 30 packaging machine makes it easier to service and ensures easy access to the heart of the machine from various positions. Retrofitting with MAP (gassing device) or Soft-Air (gentle ventilation) is possible at any time.

Technical Data

Design: stainless steel
Machine dimensions: 525 x 850 x 850 mm (W x D x H)
Chamber dimensions: 460 x 580 x 200 mm (W x D x H)
Sealing bar, length 450 mm
Weight: approx. 141 kg
Control unit: IGT- standard
Vacuum pump: 63m3/h
Cycle performance: 2- 3 cycles/min., depending on product size


  • MAP
  • soft air
  • single or three phase current
  • special voltage or frequency
  • slanted filling plates
  • GreenVAC-Connection