KDCM/DCM Semi-Automatic Clipper


Area of Application

The KDCM range is a semi-automatic machine range with a modular design. The range of basic and accessory components of these clipping machines made completely out of stainless steel is interchangeable. Every model can therefore be easily optimized for the required application. Natural, artificial and fibrous casings in a caliber range of 25–120 mm are processed as raw, cooked or scalded sausages to make portions, rings, strings and slicing sausages, which are discharged either into a collecting pan or onto various roller conveyors. The movable, adjustable casing brake prevents overloading the casing and ensures exact filling of the portions. Operation via a modern digital display or, depending on the equipment, via selector switches leaves nothing to be desired in terms of convenience and efficiency. Thanks to the 10 degree slope, it is easy to see the working area. Stainless steel components with sloping surfaces and a new design with freely suspended lock plates meet maximum hygiene requirements. Short lever travel to close gatherers shows importance of ergonomics even in small craft businesses.

For cost-conscious customers or customers who start using double clipper technology, the basic machine DCM90 is the ideal solution.


Thanks to the use of single-action cylinders in the clip closure area, the machine is faster and has significantly lower air consumption. This saves money! Four robust displacer plates ensure clean sausage tails in various casings, even in large calibers.


The KDCM is operated via a digital display with 20 stored programs. This modern and easy-to-use system leaves nothing to be desired in terms of convenience, hygiene and efficiency. The user interface comprises the functions knife, loop and label counter.

Easy Service

The KDCM clipping machine offers maximum maintenance and service-friendliness. The valves are installed on a service-friendly, “easy-to-change” pull-out bar. Quick and easy replacement of defective valves means short down-times and increased efficiency. Open design in filler and closing area makes access to the work area an outstanding feature. Thanks to the well thought out design, service work can be carried out quickly and easily.


The open design of the KDCM is very service-friendly, as all necessary service areas are easily accessible. The consistent design is adapted to ensure high product quality, productivity and hygiene. Its robust design guarantees maximum stability and a long service life.

Options & Accessories

  • Support plate for ring-shaped products.
  • Outlet roller conveyor for chub sausages.
  • Label feeder with printer for labelling the product.
  • Spool clip system – to reduce reloading times for clips.
  • String dispenser – for producing ring-shaped products.
  • Automatic loop feeder – products can be suspended for further processing or for presentation.
  • Electronic counter – daily reproducible settings are possible.


  • Robust design and modular construction for adaptation to customer requirements.
  • Hygienic design: inclined and smooth surfaces, easy cleaning thanks to good accessibility.
  • Ergonomic inclination of the machine for improved handling and view of the production area.
  • Comprehensive range of accessories.
  • Single-action cylinders with low air consumption.

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