Welcome To Siam Foods Consultant

Who We Are ?

Siam Foods Consultants Co., Ltd. is an importer of machinery and spare parts for the food industry. We aim to provide our customers with full excellence by delivering quality products and reliable services.

We specialize in supplying dicing machines, slicing machines, slice machines and all kinds of processing machinery. For the food industry With the best quality of machines imported from Europe such as Germany, Sweden

We meet the needs of our customers with a reasonable price. High quality products and excellent service We will operate our business ethically and maintain good quality and continuously improve to create the best for our customers.

Our service

By accumulating a variety of experiences and information regarding the use of machinery in the food industry Which must be based on inquiries and discussions together Before offering the device and guidelines that are suitable for customers

  • To ensure that the machine meets the needs of customers
  • To monitor the progress respectively
  • To compile reports of past work and academic documents, transportation
  • Installing and debugging the equipment and want to offer training to operators

After sales service

We provide excellent service to our customers, adhering to the aim of customer satisfaction.

  • We certify that the warranty period Providing free technical support with no internal costs Or after the warranty Have follow-up work and suggesting the correct use of the machine to customers
  • We provide 24 hours customer service hotline Professional technical answers to customers' questions. We respond within 1 hour of receiving a notification from the customer.
  • Professional technical services Will go to solve problems at the site with the customer If the problem cannot be resolved over the telephone and will not abolish until the solution is completed
  • Within the warranty period that we provide free repair service (Excluding damage caused by incorrect usage from instructions) and after the warranty period, we only charge the cost of spare parts
  • We have stock spare parts that customers require. And fast transportation, if necessary, must import