As multifunctional as customer requirements are multifold

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As multifunctional as customer requirements are multifold

Meat, sausage or cheese can be diced or cut into strips with the FLEXON and even cheese can be grated or potatoes and cucumbers can be sliced. The machine can process products up to 550 mm (21 7/10”) in length and manages to put out up to 1 400 kg (3,086 lbs) per hour depending on the product and application. It features an ergonomic one-hand operating system for closing the loading chamber. The machine has been designed so that the operator can easily, with just one hand, activate the closing mechanism to move the separating slide in position.

Capacity and cutting technology

  • Varied application options with regard to products and cutting processes (grating is also possible)
  • High output due to the extra-long cutting chamber (550 mm / 21 7/10”)
  • Multifunctional because continuous or intermittent cutting can be selected

Economic efficiency

  • Optimum product compression due to automatic pre-pressing

Cleaning and operator comfort

  • Consistently ergonomic even for cleaning


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