The dicer with the highest output in its class

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The dicer with the highest output in its class

Dices in accurate weight with the ARGON gets what a producer wants: Packing units or economy packs with the desired weight – not more and not less. The machine stops the cutting process automatically as soon as the pre-determined weight is reached. With the ARGON you made a decision in favour of a high hourly output. Up to 2 t / 4,410 lbs, depending on the field of application and the degree of filling.

Capacity and cutting technology

  • Packing units / economy packs (optional) in accurate weight
  • High cutting performance: up to 2 t/h / 4,410 lbs per hour (depending on product and degree of filling)
  • Up to 50 cutting programs
  • High capacity also for smaller dices / strips enabled by the cutting force with up to 300 revolutions per minute of the blade

Economic efficiency

  • Processing of various raw products
  • Highest possible product yield

Cleaning and operator comfort

  • Consistently ergonomic, even for cleaning
  • Easy access to all machine parts for cleaning
  • Gridset changes require no tools, thanks to “Click&Go” grid set
  • User rights on four levels